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Product Description

Product Description and also its structure

What is AH-7921?

AH-7921 is an opioid analgesic drug selective for the µ-opioid receptor, having around 90% the potency of morphine when administered orally. Where to Buy AH-7921 online, Shenchulab is the best place for you to get top quality products. Finally below, you will find the chemical formal of the above mention products.

Full Chemical Name


Systematic IUPAC Name


CAS Number


ChemSpider Number


Molecular Formula


So, Molecular Mass

329.265 g/mol

A new synthetic opioid of abuse and also it effects.

Similarly in recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of new psychoactive substances around the world.

Therefore these substances include both synthetic compounds and also plant derivatives mimicking the psychotropic effects of traditional and also  illicit drugs of abuse. Hence, these drugs are sold in specialized stores known as ‘smart’ or ‘head’ shops or online. AH-7921 For Sale.

Furthermore, The most popular and also widely spread new psychoactive substances belong
to two groups of drugs synthetic cannabinoids and also synthetic cathinones.

However, various different compounds such as amphetamine-like molecules, synthetic
hallucinogens, benzodiazepines and so  hormones have been found in recreational products marketed as legal highs.

As a result, although it was synthesized in the 1970s,however there is  very little information about this synthetic opioid.
Therefore AH-7921 was synthesized as a potential analgesic medicine, but the development was abandoned— presumably due to its addictive properties.

So in conclusion, information currently available as a result confirms that AH-7921 is a potent respiratory depressant with a narrow therapeutic window.

So, Rout of Administration

Similarly, AH-7921 has a high addictive potential and it is also
consumed through unconventional routes, such as rectal or sublingual, furthermore associated with a higher risk of overdose. So, at Shenchulab you are safe and so, secure to Buy AH-7921 online, above all, our deliveries are 100% discreet and super fast.

However in all cases, analysis showed the presence of AH-7921 in combination with other
psychotropic drugs and also AH-7921 femoral blood concentration ranged between 0.05 and 4.46 mg/L. So, in the USA there has been one reported fatality related to the consumption of AH-7921.

Nevertheless, ıf you are looking for where to Buy  AH-7921 online Shenchulab is the right place for you purchase the best quality products.

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